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Huttons Ltd; Our Used Car Policy

Buying a used car is nearly always a difficult choice and in many cases involves some compromises. Put simply, a newer car means more money and an older car means less. At Huttons we understand and recognise this dilemma. However, irrespective of the cars' age, we will endeavour to provide a car that gives you value for money.

We don't pretend that a five or six year old car is new and the price will reflect that, but we will still prepare the car to a good standard having regard to its history and price. What we can say that it is most definitely not our policy to knowingly sell a customer a 'duff' car. Our ultimate test to ourselves is, "would I be happy to drive and buy this car myself?"

All our used cars have a good quality warranty provided and we'll provide you with exact details before you purchase if you wish; usually it's twelve months. We don't pretend that a warranty for a three year plus car will cover every single item of the car, but ours will be of a higher level of cover than the majority of cars that you will be offered by many competitors. We have an additional offer to show our confidence in all the used Fiats we sell. Notwithstanding the exclusions of the written warranty, Huttons will cover the fair wear and tear of all consumable items (excluding tyres) for the first thirty days from the date of delivery.

We always have a selected number of quality used Fiat's and Abarth's available. Many are pre-sold before they reach this website to existing satisfied customers who have a particular model and specification in mind. Tell us what you are looking for and let us source it for you. All of our used Fiats will be expertly checked and receive, where applicable, the appropriate services, MOTs, manufacturers campaigns and complete valeting carried out before you take delivery. We hope you like our approach to supplying you a used Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo or Jeep?