Huttons Ltd Our Parts Policy

Huttons has been a Fiat car and commercial main dealer selling genuine replacement parts since 1993 and we believe we have a good knowledge of all things Fiat.

Any Fiat dealer can sell you Fiat parts – that’s the simple bit. What we can say that is genuinely different about us is, that with so many years of experience; we know which part to sell you, and what other parts you may well need, to do the job or fix the problem. Some will suggest to you that you just tap in the vehicle chassis number in to the PC, and ‘bingo’, there’s the right part number - if only that were true!

Yes, we have lots of Fiat parts in stock because we have been dealing with different Fiat models since 1993. If it’s not in stock for immediate delivery, we have access to thousands of Fiat parts, many of which should be available within two days. If you are not in our locality, we’ll mail or courier it to you at a very reasonable cost.

We promise to try to come up with a good price for you, particularly if it’s a part that has been in stock longer than it should! Non-genuine parts are around from many sources, but you don’t have the benefit of being absolutely certain about their quality, know if they correctly fit first time and don’t have a two year warranty.

Contact our Parts Team on
01934 812546
or contact them via our enquiry system.