Our Motability Policy

We have been a Motability 'Premier Partner' dealer for many years and have grown a portfolio of customers who have been kind enough to repeat order their Motability cars from Huttons. Gradually as the years have gone by we have gained ever more valuable operational experience of not only the specific needs of our Motability customers but the intricacies of the sales and service administration behind it. Quite a task in itself we can assure you!

This accumulated experience will ensure that from your very first tentative enquiry, your Motability needs will be expertly dealt with whether it is a sales, service or administration issue.

Lorrayne Bowling is our Motability Specialist with many years of experience and training courses to her credit. We do have two others connected with sales that also have good knowledge as well two staff members in our service department. We are all here to help you maximise the benefits of the Motability scheme and have an enjoyable experience with your new Fiat from Huttons.

Further below you will find the current amazing offers from Fiat, many with NIL DEPOSIT!! There are four offers per year, each offer is for three months, starting in January. It is most likely that these offers will change from quarter to quarter. We will change the quarterly information as soon as we are advised by Fiat. Lorrayne Bowling has an intimate understanding all the rules concerning these changes, so please do call her for updates and advice.

Contact our Motability Specialist, Lorrayne Bowling on
01934 813700
or contact her via email lorrayne.bowling@huttons-fiat.co.uk.