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Antifreeze – Your cooling system protection in all temperatures!

What is Antifreeze and what does it do?

We call it Antifreeze but in reality, mixed 1:1 with water, it is the engine coolant that under pressure circulates through the engine and cooling system. It has four main assets:

  • Offers maximum protection against freezing allowing the coolant to flow freely even in severe minus degrees below zero during winter conditions.
  • It allows a higher boiling point of the coolant therefore minimising the chances of engine overheating in high ambient temperatures.
  • The Antifreeze also contains special corrosion inhibitor chemicals and additives to minimise internal corrosion and sediment formation, which help prolong the efficient life of your engine and cooling system.
  • Protects rubber, plastic components and gaskets in the cooling system. Aids water pump lubrication.

When should Huttons Fiat Replace your Antifreeze?

Antifreeze must be replaced at two year intervals to maintain its effectiveness. It is advised, the product is tested every year using special equipment to test its effectiveness.

Why should Huttons Fiat check your or replace your Antifreeze?

With the complexity of modern engines there is now a wide range of different antifreeze products. In fact it is becoming even more difficult to identify the correct one to use. If your car is fitted with the incorrect product there is a danger that the antifreeze will corrode the engine. Huttons Fiat technicians have the knowledge to ensure the correct antifreeze is used. It is false economy to have less than a 50% content to ensure complete protection for the next two years. We will use the correct quantities, make sure the system is free of air pockets, no leaks and working efficiently.

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