New Fiat Panda

New fiat panda

  • Smooth and simple driving pleasure with convenient controls
  • Light and easy steering aids easy turning and parking solutions
  • Low price combined with a lifetime of fuel efficiency and comfort
  • Brilliant economy on the roads - save more cash on filling up
  • A choice of four-wheel drive to match your driving style
  • Incredible Italian design for unbeatable street appeal
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fiat panda

Featuring a playful personality that's difficult for any car manufacturer to match, the Fiat Panda offers unbeatable style mixed with genuine comfort, practicality, and a smoothly responsive drive. Fiat suggests that the Panda is all about substantial design, demonstrated by it's bold, yet soft lines and vast exterior details. The cabin continues the pattern of fashion and performance, with an easy-use dashboard and plenty of space for passengers, as well as countless storage compartments alongside a versatile system for seating. All of the Panda's features work together to offer safety, complete peace of mind, and a truly enjoyable experience on the road that still manages to cut your fuel consumption and emissions as far as they will go.

Panda Features

fiat panda - Fun and Flirty Design

Fun and Flirty Design

The soft, inspiring contours of the Fiat Panda aid it's aerodynamic efficiency and ensures greater comfort and space within the cabin, for a completely comprehensive driving experience, inside and out.
fiat panda - Welcoming Cabin Experience

Welcoming Cabin Experience

Benefit from a well-designed space created for comfort and convenience - from utilitarian touches for comfort, to item management and more, the Panda has everything you could possibly want.
fiat panda - Practicality and Convenience

Practicality and Convenience

Surprisingly spacious on the inside, yet compact and simple on the outside, the Panda features no fewer than 14 compartments for storage and is perfectly suited for a hectic lifestyle on busy city streets.
fiat panda - Complete Control

Complete Control

Discover absolute functionality with the award-winning turbocharged TwinAir 875cc, 85hp engine. Choose speed with the outstandingly frugal 69hp petrol engine, or ergonomics with the 95hp Multijet II diesel.


fiat panda
fiat panda
fiat panda

More Features

fiat panda - Complete Visibility

Complete Visibility

Everyone will see you coming thanks to the raise Panda driving position - offering complete vantage points all the way from the driver's side window to the rear. The wide rear windows also offer additional visibility too!
fiat panda - Efficiency and Performance

Efficiency and Performance

The fuel-saving innovative Start&Stop technology used by fiat will automatically power down the engine when the car is idling, and restart it as soon as you touch the clutch, for optimized fuel economy all around.
fiat panda - Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Equipped with features like Electronic Stability Control, a tyre pressure monitoring system, ABS, and next-generation seatbelts with three-point security, alongside various airbag systems, you can ensure safety in the Panda.
fiat panda - Modern Technology

Modern Technology

Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel with TomTom 2Live entertainment and satellite navigation systems. Take phone calls, get information, and play music with nothing more than a couple of taps.

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The Fiat Panda is an upbeat city car with a practical interior and an economical range of petrol and diesel engines
New fiat panda
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