New Fiat 500x

New Fiat 500x

  • 2 incredible base design options to choose from
  • Plenty of superb styling - no matter your personal preference
  • Exceptional interior quality for comfort and convenience
  • Unbeatable handling on a range of terrains for complete performance expertise
  • Intuitive and innovative technology solutions throughout
  • Unbelievable economic fuel consumption to save you cash on filling up
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Fiat 500x

Iconic Fiat beauty mixed with the latest in modern technology - what more could you want from an exceptional driving experience. From cutting-edge technology to segment-leading safety features, the Fiat 500X has everything you need and more, while still offering a salute to the vintage Italian style you've come to know and love. For those who prowl the city streets, the refined city look offers complete urban elegance, while the off-road's more rugged design is ideal for those with an adventurous attitude. Regardless of your choice, the engine options for both solutions benefit from incredible Fiat Multijet II technology - for the performance that you need and the fuel consumption and CO2 emission numbers you want. From versatility to style and function, the Fiat 500X has it all.

500x Features

Fiat 500x - The Urban Look

The Urban Look

A sleek and sophisticated urban style with a robust metropolitan spirit, the city design features everything you need to catch the eye of passers-by as you cruise through familiar high-fashion streets.
Fiat 500x - Bold Rugged Appeal

Bold Rugged Appeal

For those in search of adventure, the Fiat 500X doesn't shy away from outdoor performance, with beefy bumpers featuring protective shielding, 4x4 drive solutions, and satin chrome effect roof bars.
Fiat 500x - Unbeatable Safety

Unbeatable Safety

Put your mind at ease with high-visibility parking cameras, braking control, ESC, and blind-spot assistance with the Fiat 500X, as well as lane assistance, six comprehensive airbags and blind-spot help.
Fiat 500x - Smooth Handling And Performance

Smooth Handling and Performance

Thanks to Fiat's incredible Drive Mood Selector, you can design your own road experience, from comfort and consumption, to intense driving pleasure, and instant reactivity.


Fiat 500x
Fiat 500x
Fiat 500x

More Features

Fiat 500x - Ergonomic Engine Solutions

Ergonomic Engine Solutions

Save cash and the environment with MultiJet II technology, designed for complete flexibility at peak performance, smart fuel consumption solutions, and low emissions designed for greener driving.
Fiat 500x - Absolute Convenience

Absolute Convenience

Avoid wasted time searching for keys with the keyless entry technology in the 500X, designed to help you explore the city at a moment's notice. You can even start your engine by touching a button.
Fiat 500x - Infotainment Solutions

Infotainment Solutions

If You're All About Modern Tech, The Eco Solution In The 500X Will Offer Extensive Technological Features, Including A Touchscreen Display, Plenty Of Fast-speed Bluetooth Connectivity And More.
Fiat 500x - Ultimate Visibility

Ultimate Visibility

Beyond the impeccably raised ride height, optimum visibility for the 500X is guaranteed thanks to active systems that adjust according to road traffic and lighting conditions.

500x Colours

Fiat 500x - Available In Passione Red

Passione Red

Fiat 500x - Available In Ice White

Ice White

Fiat 500x - Available In Art Grey

Art Grey

Fiat 500x - Available In Cinema Black

Cinema Black

Fiat 500x - Available In Toscana Green

Toscana Green

Fiat 500x - Available In Argento Grey

Argento Grey

Fiat 500x - Available In Magnetic Bronze

Magnetic Bronze

Fiat 500x - Available In Fashion Grey

Fashion Grey

Fiat 500x - Available In Venezia Blue

Venezia Blue

Fiat 500x - Available In Amalfi Yellow

Amalfi Yellow

Fiat 500x - Available In Amore Red

Amore Red

Fiat 500x - Available In Matt Magnetic Bronze

Matt Magnetic Bronze

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The Fiat 500X is a distinctive and economical compact SUV that’s surprisingly good to drive
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The 500X is the first real success of the cutesy 500 styling working on a car other than the 500. It’s a stylish and characterful addition to the crossover class and will appeal to a wide range of buyers
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Fiat really needs for this to be good. It is. Form over function in the best possible way
Top Gear
New Fiat 500x
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