New Fiat 500

New Fiat 500

  • Charming compact car for everyday versatility
  • A bold retro design - bound to get you noticed on the city streets
  • Created for efficient and simple road presence
  • Economically efficient, frugal, yet surprisingly strong engine power
  • Capable of up to 71MPG, with low CO2 emissions
  • Complete interior comfort, including modern technology
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Fiat 500

The perfect example of Italian charm and compact versatility, the Fiat 500 was made for urban living - ideal for navigating tight parking spots, twisting roads, and complex manoeuvres. Both fun, and functional at the same time, the Fiat 500 delivers contemporary practicality and comfort to the modern car market, with stylish rear light clusters, a conveniently re-designed dashboard and plenty of great everyday appeal. If the stylish appeal wasn't enough to catch your eye, the interior tech will be sure to grab attention, from smartphone connectivity features to the latest in safety aspects designed to offer protection and entertainment at all times. What's more, each responsive engine offers a fantastic performance, without compromising fuel efficiency or economy. This is a Fiat that really does have everything to offer.

500 Features

Fiat 500 - 500S


Perfect for those with sporting sophistication, the Fiat 500S offers a range of fantastic features, from cool air conditioning to 500S sports seats. On the exterior, you'll get a full-body kit design including exhaust and bumper features, a rear spoiler, and 15" graphite alloy wheels. Inside, you'll experience a 7" touch-screen system, and rear-parking sensors.
Fiat 500 - Sumptuous Interior Style

Sumptuous Interior Style

The seats in the latest 500 were created with a consideration of true comfort and sophistication - using ergonomic tech and soft supple materials to offer complete relaxation for drivers and passengers alike.
Fiat 500 - High-Tech Convenience

High-Tech Convenience

From the new and improved USB ports to the roomy glove compartments included for utmost functionality, the Fiat 500 is brimming with convenience and practicality, which makes this car more than just a pretty face.
Fiat 500 - 500 Riva

500 Riva

The Fiat 500 Riva adds a touch of class and elegance to everyday motoring. You will love the feeling of the wind in your hair with the soft-top roof, and the Riva’s rich and stylish cabin, with mahogany fascias, leather seat trims and slick chrome detailing, all come as standard.


Fiat 500
Fiat 500
Fiat 500

More Features

Fiat 500 - Interior Infotainment

Interior Infotainment

The Fiat 500'S touchscreen equipped with Uconnect technology gives the modern driver more freedom to manage multi-media devices and smartphones with the greatest of ease, for hands-free driving excellence.
Fiat 500 - Top Quality Technology

Top Quality Technology

The Eco Tech Solution By Fiat Is The Latest In Personal Driving Assistance, Offering Solutions To Help You Save Fuel, Cut Down On CO2 Emissions, And Maximize Your Performance On The Road In Real-time.
Fiat 500 - Incredible Safety Features

Incredible Safety Features

In case of emergencies, the latest Fiat 500 offers ABS with EBD for ultimate assistance, giving you control and stability, while the Hazard Device system immediately switches on emergency lights for road warning.
Fiat 500 - Top Of The Range Performance

Top of the Range Performance

The Fiat 1.3 MultiJet engine can offer returns of up to 83.1MPG combined, as well as amazing CO2 emissions of only 89 g/km. That gives you tons of wiggle room to get wherever you're going, without sacrificing efficiency.

500 Colours

Fiat 500 - Available In Passadoble Red

passadoble Red

Fiat 500 - Available In Black & Red

Black & Red

Fiat 500 - Available In Bossa Nova White

Bossa Nova White

Fiat 500 - Available In Countrypolitan Yellow

Countrypolitan Yellow

Fiat 500 - Available In Volare Blue

Volare Blue

Fiat 500 - Available In Tech House Grey

Tech House Grey

Fiat 500 - Available In Black & Yellow

Black & Yellow

Fiat 500 - Available In Groove Metal Grey

Groove Metal Grey

Fiat 500 - Available In Avantgarde Bordeaux

Avantgarde Bordeaux

Fiat 500 - Available In Epic Blue

Epic Blue

Fiat 500 - Available In Electroclash Grey

Electroclash Grey

Fiat 500 - Available In Crossover Black

Crossover Black

Fiat 500 - Available In Urban White

Urban White

Fiat 500 - Available In Smooth Mint

Smooth Mint

Fiat 500 - Available In Glam Coral

Glam Coral

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The 500 is more stylish and competent enough in most areas
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New Fiat 500
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