New Fiat 124 Spider

New fiat 124 spider

  • Incredible vintage appeal - unlike anything on the market
  • Incredible vintage appeal - unlike anything on the market today
  • Precision steering for more confidence on the roads
  • A top speed solution of up to 125 MPH
  • Leather heated seats for complete comfort and luxury;
  • Italian refinements throughout the interior and exterior
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fiat 124 spider

Aggressively aerodynamic and brimming with style, the latest Fiat 124 Spider combines sensual sculpted lines with an undeniably confident presence that's perfect for commanding the city streets. Sophistication and modern technology in one incredible package, the Fiat 124 Spider was designed for the modern driver - offering absolute precision in steering, alongside smooth handling and quick response. Alongside its impressive affordability and top of the range speed or around 125 MPH, the 124 Spider also delivers around 44.1 mpg, so you can go further for less. What's more, with its advanced low-weight fabric roof, you can drive with the top up or down - depending on how you feel. Discover a driving experience that seems to adapt to your every need with absolute elegance.

124 Spider Features

fiat 124 spider - Vintage Aesthetics

Vintage Aesthetics

Like a vintage sports car, the stunning Fiat 124 Spider delivers a sense of timeless sophistication that's impossible to ignore. Wherever your next adventure takes you, it's agile lines and elegance are sure to make an impression.
fiat 124 spider - High-Speed Performance

High-Speed Performance

With a longitudinal front engine and rear wheel-drive mechanical layout, Fiat has managed to achieve perfect weight distribution to ensure exceptional dynamic performance.
fiat 124 spider - Innovative Design

Innovative Design

Made for the modern driver, the Fiat 124 Spider offers incredible weight distribution throughout the body, so you can experience a truly balanced driving experience wherever you go. Enjoy a dynamic performance throughout.
fiat 124 spider - Sophisticated Handling

Sophisticated Handling

From the multi-link rear suspension to the double wishbone front suspension - every aspect of the Fiat 124 Spider is designed to make your drive effortless and fun. Enjoy power, stability, and corner-hugging refinement at its best.


fiat 124 spider
fiat 124 spider
fiat 124 spider

More Features

fiat 124 spider - Extra Technology

Extra Technology

User friendly and cutting edge, the 124 Spider comes with a range of technology to upgrade your driving experience, such as a 7-inch touchscreen multimedia system, and Bluetooth connectivity with sat nav and voice commands.
fiat 124 spider - Luxury Throughout

Luxury Throughout

More than just stunning on the outside, the Fiat 124 Spider is brimming with luxury refinements inside too, including heated wrap-around seats with built-in headset speakers, and a number of fun surprises to discover.
fiat 124 spider - Command the Road

Command the Road

Control the road ahead with more than just good looks - from the distinctive wiper placement to the intriguing shape of the windscreen pillars, the Fiat 124 Spider offers absolute control and visibility, while providing precise steering.
fiat 124 spider - Italian Heritage

Italian Heritage

The incredible Fiat 124 Spider is one of the latest updates in a legacy that has lasted for more than 50 years. A crowning achievement in aerodynamic response, this Italian beauty is a masterpiece in modern driving.

124 Spider Colours

fiat 124 spider - Available in Passione Red

Passione Red

fiat 124 spider - Available in Ice White

Ice White

fiat 124 spider - Available in Argento Grey

Argento Grey

fiat 124 spider - Available in Fashion Grey

Fashion Grey

fiat 124 spider - Available in Italia Blue

Italia Blue

fiat 124 spider - Available in Magnetic Bronze

Magnetic Bronze

fiat 124 spider - Available in Volcano Black

Volcano Black

fiat 124 spider - Available in Urban Whitek

Urban White

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Auto Express
“…There’s no denying Fiat has built a terrific sports car that takes all the MX-5’s good points and adds a certain Italian flair.”
Auto Express
“The Fiat 124 Spider is a stylish and quick roadster that’s great to drive. It harks back to the golden age of Italian convertibles but adds a dash of modern usability and safety.”
“I think that the Fiat 124 Spider is arguably the most beautiful, elegant, and well-proportioned neo-retro design I’ve seen in a very long time.”
New fiat 124 spider
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